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Medical Emergencies Management & Preparedness (developing world course)

£145.00 + VAT

Duration: 1 or 2 Days
Validity:   1 Year

This course is designed to run over 1 or 2 day designed in partnership with Marie Stopes International in preparing staff to manage common medical emergencies which may arise in environments with limited resources and access to emergency medical assistance. The course is intended to give the necessary skills to confidently diagnose and respond to patients and reduce mortality and morbidity. Focus is on initial management and support. Includes algorithms for the management of all of the common medical emergencies that may arise in both surgical and non surgical healthcare environments. The target group for this course is Non-Governmental and Governmental Organisations operating healthcare facilities in the developing world.

Course content includes

  • Basic life support refresher
  • Common medical emergencies
  • Haemorrhage, sepsis, chest pain, asthma, fitting, unconscious patient, hypoglycaemia, breathing difficulties, anaphylaxis
  • Structured assessment of the sick patient
  • Drugs and appropriate administration
  • Safe defibrillation (AED) (optional)
  • Airway management with adjuncts
  • Medical emergency treatment algorithms
  • Universal treatment algorithm for management of cardiac arrest
  • Resuscitation & emergency equipment
  • Hand over and transfer

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